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Chapter 1 : Introduction

The Templar Revelation by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

The Hiram Key by Dr Robert Lomas

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

The Chariots of the Gods by Eric von Daniken

Not of this World by Peter Kolosimo

Peter Kolosimo (Pier Colosimo)

Isaac Newton and his occult studies

Chapter 2 : The Greek Genesis

Zeus finding the centre of the Earth

Oracle of Delphi and the Python

Apollo imparting secret knowledge to select mortals to steer mankind towards their destiny

The Arcadians of Greece and King Arcas dating to 1000 BC

Lycaon and Zeus

Arcadia home to the Greek God 'Pan'

Werewolves as guardians of the underworld

Oenotrus and the Oentrians populating Calabria including the origin of Italy's name


Chapter 3 : The Messiahs


Pythagoras' miracles

Pythagoras and Jesus parallels

The 153 fish stories

Potential attribution of 'Know Thyself' to Pythagoras

Pythgagoras 3 degrees and more speculation

Pythagorean beliefs including friend being reincarnated into a dog


Alchemy as a forerunner to chemistry

Plato's Cave


The Templar Revelation

Dead Sea Crolls

Nag Hammadi documents

The Hiram Key

Mary Magdalene, relationship with Jesus and children

Merovingian Kings in France

The Essenes

The Essenes and Pythagoreans

Colossians of Colossae

St Paul's letter to the Colossians

The Colossian Heresy, an unfair persecution

Other Messiahs through history


Chapter 4 : The Sackings

Roman sacking of Jerusalem 70 AD

Jewish slaves taken from Jerusalem to Calabria during the sacking by the Romans in 70 AD

X Legio Fretensis responsible for the sacking and the crucifixion, also based at Val di Crati near Cosenza, Calabria

Visigoths sacking Rome in 410 AD led by King Alaric

King Alaric's death and burial in Calabria

The Lost Gold of Rome

Nazi treasure hunters looking for Alaric's Gold

Chapter 5 : The Merovingians

Merovingians rule

Fleur-de-lis association with the Merovingians

Long haired kings

Jesus bloodline link with the Merovingians

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

Pierre Plantard

Priory of Sion and alleged Grand Masters

Sorcerer Kings and the Long Haired Kings - the Merovingians control over animals and other powers

Mervoingian interest in bees and their use of the symbol including Napolean

Bee hive in Rosslyn Chapel on the BBC

Rosslyn Chapel

Fisher King

Chretien de Troyes story of Perceval and the story of Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach

Chapter 6 : The Mysterious Monks

Band of monks from Calabria leave for France in 1070AD and the Order of Sion - The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

The Abbey of Orval including formation by Calabrian monks reference

Further mystery surrounging the Abbey of Orval including Nostradamus and the Knights Templar

Order of Sion and a reference to a Calabrian abbey

Peter the Hermit and tutelage of Godrey of Bouillon

Abazzia Sant'Angelo di Fragillo'Angelo_de_Frigillo

Abazzia Sant'Angelo di Fragillo formation in 500 AD

Reference to Vatican library containing many manuscripts from the Abbey

History and strange goings on with the Abazzia Sant'Angelo di Fragillo

Joachim of Fiore

Joachim of Fiore as a secret grand master

Popularity of Joachim of Fiore and the Empress Constance at Palatine Chapel with reference to the place of Christ and Mary Magdalene,_Queen_of_Sicily

The Obama Joachim of Fiore Hoax and the response from the Vatican which brands Joachi of Fiore a heretic

Chapter 7 : The Heretical Knights and the Heretical Cathars

The Knights Templar

The Crusades

Temple Church London

Templar Heresies

Battle of Bannockburn and Templar involvement

Rosslyn Chapel

The Cathars

The Cathars in Context

The Cathars Demise

The Templar Revelation


Chapter 8 : The Freemasons

United Grand Lodge of England Website

Freemasonry wikipedia

United States of America formed by freemasons, the founding fathers

Washington DC Masonic symbology

George Washington Memorial - location 101 Callahan Drive, Alexandria

Red lodges and Blue lodges of freemasonry

The Chapters of freemasonry

The Invisible College and the Royal Society formation by freemasons

University lodges in England - Apollo (Oxford) and Isaac Newton (Cambridge) both containing a Magdalen College

Magdalene Chapel Oxford University

Loan of The Last Supper by the Royal Academy of Arts

Example lodges with name Pythagoras in the USA,_Free_and_Accepted_Masons

IPM jewel being Pythagoras' theorem

Chapter 9 : Other Societies


'Ndrangheta initiations

Big Jim Colosimo

Big Jim Colosimo emigration record as a magician

Boardwalk Empire featuring Big Jim Colosimo

Big Jim Colosimo's 9th century Greek Bible called an Argos Lectionary


Chapter 10 : Calabria

Calabria general tourist information

Calabria speaking ancient Greek

Calabria History

Riace Bronzes in Calabria

Discovery and population by the Oenotri

Milo of Kroton

Sybaris, origination of intellectual property

Norman invasion of Southern Italy by Ronert Guiscard

Calabrian Folklore regarding the Holy Grail

Calabrian origin of lupo mannaro

25th December, a popular time to be born a werewolf in Italy

Red candle, blue candle and the alleged satanic cult in Calabria

Chapter 11 : Strange Clues and Coincidences

Calabria and the Coat of Arms of Calabria

Camp Sion (original website found is currently missing)

Double Headed Eagle monastery and Greek signage in Calabria

33rd degree symbol of freemasonry

Oldest Masonic Workshop in Colosimi at Mamertini lodge

Italy's first masonic lodge at Fidelitas Lodge in Girifalco

Colosimi the village

Mesoraca the village

Mesoraca as one of the first towns or villages created by the Oenotri

Pope Zosimus from Mesoraca

Abbazia Sant'Angelo di Fragillo

Colosimo erroneous etymology as Kalosimos

Colosi definition

Raca in Aramaic

Chapter 12 : Knights of the Holy Grail

Italian Heraldry Institute of Rome - Colosimo surname including the Coat of Arms

Abbey of Orval reference to Calabrian monks as the founders

Symbolic meaning of the snake

Symbolic meaning of double headed snakes

Python guarding the Oracale of Delphi also known as Pythia

Seprente Verde - facists versus freemasons in Italy and the green snake circular armband worn by Italian freemasons


The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Magdalen (Maudlin) College Oxford

Da Vinci and The Last Supper at Magdalene College Oxford

All Seeing Eye art including the photograph of the ceiling of the Vatican museum featuring a woman on a throne with the pyramid and all seeing eye above her head and holding onto Ouroboros. Please note that this is a pretty extreme conspiracy theory website and I do not support the content.

Tribe of Benjamin represented by a Wolf

Tribe of Benjamin and Arcadia, Calabria, Order of Sion

Kolossi Castle

Charles d'Anjou and the discovery of Mary Magdalene's grave

Veneration of Mary Magdalene in France

Chapter 13 : Tangents of Gnosis

Renaissance period

Leonardo Da Vinci

The Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci)

Da Vinci Mirror Writing notebooks

Gnostic texts and other texts regarding the tensions between St Peter and Mary Magdalene

One fingered gesture, St John the Baptist in Da Vinci's paintings

Shepherds of Arcadia painting

Galileo Galilei

The Matrix Movie and Trilogy - official

The Matrix conspiracy theories and symbology

33rd degreee symbol

Characters from The Matrix

Monica Belluci as the exile Persephone

Monica Belluci as Mary Magdalene in the Passion of Christ

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Club Hel in the Matrix

City of David


Christian dualists - Cathars - good god, evil god

A Mason - Matrix Producer

Wabash and Lake

Star Wars attack of the clones bar scene. Red drink, blue drink featuring Mouse and the Lady in Red from The Matrix

Battlestar Galactica

Numerological and symbolic references in Battlestar Galactica noting also Lee Adama's call sign of Apollo and the use of the resurrection ship by the Cylons.

Cylon - an enemy of Pythagoras

Caprica spin off series or prequel to Battlestar Galactica

Jupiter Ascending

Abrasax or Abraxas

The Young Indiana Jones Chornonicles

The Mystery of the Blues episode

Ready Player One

Wagner's opera Parsifal - Klingsor

Rennes le Chateau mystery

Chapter 14 : The All New Arcadia and the All New King Arthur

The Shepherds of Arcadia

Nicolas Poussin

Poussin on the Priory of Sion list og Grand Masters

Shugborough Hall and masonic altar

Lycosura, Arcadia and the precursor to Persephone

Pan and the Temple of Pan

King Tafur and crusader cannibals

Geoffrey of Monmoth - King Arthur stories

King Arthur Otranto Cathedral riding a goat

Masons riding the Goat and post cards

Chapter 15 : The All New Universe

Special relativity

General relativity

Olaus Roemer speed of light finite

Quantum theory

Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum physics

Quantum entanglement

Double slit experiment

Delayed choice double slit experiment

Delayed choice quantum eraser

The Holographic Principle

Bekenstein bound

Carlo Rovelli's The Order of Time

Nick Bostrom - The Simulation Argument

Professor James Gates - string theory error detection and correction codes

Dr Ron Evans - Greenglow - The Search for Graviational Control book

Dark matter

Black holes orbiting one another at the galactic centre (please see extended All New Universe section on this website)

Dean Radin's Real Magic

Chapter 16 : The Truth? There is no spoon

Charles Martel,_Duke_of_Calabria

Good King Rene, 1408

Mass Werewolf Attack in France

Chapter 17 : The Snake and the Lily

The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Ormus and Virgo symbol,100998,100998

Italian freemasons wearing green snake armbands

Celentana (Celentano) reference and coat of arms

Clayton name, Norman heraldry

The School of Athens


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