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Dan Brown's bestselling book The Da Vinci Code and the many non-fiction books that contributed to the mysterious story of the Holy Grail, including a potential bloodline of Jesus Christ, only told a small part of the story. This new research provides a much bigger, more incredible, and hopefully more compelling story. It weaves together the mythology of werewolves, green snakes, King Arthur, and other guardians of the Holy Grail. It fills many voids in this mystery including through the role of Pythagoras, one of the first scientists, philosophers, and messiahs. For the first time it also identifies who the mysterious monks from southern Italy were. A band of monks that went on to create the famous Abbey at Orval, the Order of Sion, the Knights Templar, and a place where Nostradamus himself was to learn the mystic arts. 

This book attempts to present a single coherent Holy Grail thread from Arcadia in ancient Greece through to modern day beliefs, freemasonry and even pop culture captured in Hollywood movies. This will lead the reader to the ultimate discovery of what the Holy Grail really is.

This short book is written in a personal and conversational way and is best described as a fireside chat amongst friends. The reasons for doing so should become apparent to the reader as this voyage of discovery soon takes on a very personal dimension for the author.

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