The Origins of the Calabrian Monks and the Location of the Holy Grail

The Calabrian monks left for Francia in 1070 AD. Upon their arrival the Angevin dynasty welcomed them with open arms, providing land and finance. They go on to build the Abbey at Orval (still going) and form the Order of Sion which leads to the formation of the Knights Templar all within just a few decades. Who these Calabrian monks were is explained further in my book.

Within the last few days my younger brother Andrew Colosimo and father took a dangerous car ride and hike into the mountains of Calabria. The abbey of Saint Angelo, just a few miles from Mesoraca (speculated as meaning the mid-point of the fools journey from the comprising Greek and Aramaic sub-words), had much support from successive popes from the 11th to the 13th centuries including support from famous Calabrian mystic, Joachim of Fiore. In the end the support from the Vatican turned to scrutiny and their many manuscripts were stolen by the Vatican. These are now believed to inhabit the Vatican secret archives and may even be the origin of the secret archive itself. This is explained further in my book.

What he found at this site is intriguing and I will only reveal a part of it here. This site has not been subject to any serious archaeological excavations nor perhaps even any excavation of any kind as far as we can tell.

During the hike and in an attempt to find what is a very difficult to find set of ruins he asked a local shepherd who owned the land. He allowed them to pass, pointing out the way to go, but he warned them about the bees. Indeed, the ruins and local area were overrun with swarms of bees. For those that have read my book or are familiar with Grail mythology and the guardianship provided by the bees then this infestation should be of no surprise. The famous Rosslyn chapel near Edinburgh (associated with the Knights Templar) had purposely built features for bees to create hives within the structure. The Merovingian Kings revered bees as described in my book.

So here is as much as I am going to say and show for now. Do you think it is possible to find the Grail? That which has eluded discovery and capture for most of the last two thousand years? I know, you couldn't make this up. Not even close.

The Grail 1

The Grail 2

The Hole to the Grail

The Grail Chamber

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