News, New Discoveries and Reflections

This page will be updated on a roughly monthly basis. Please check back regularly.
This section aims to provide a list of further discoveries made since the publication of the book. These include visits made by the author to some of the places implicated as well as new leads and information provided by readers of my book.

5th August 2018 : Poussin, A Lost Painting and Further Mystery

5th August 2018 : Borghese and Bernini at the Heart of the Matter

5th August 2018 : The Magdalene and Mithra

5th August 2018 : Choose Gnosis or Saint Peter from the Sistine Chapel

11th August 2018 : Discovery of the Origins of the Calabrian Monks and the location Holy Grail itself?

2nd September 2018 : Victor Hugo's Ursus and Werewolf

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